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  • Jordan Stowe

"Now is the time for Divorce"...yikes

Not long ago on the radio I heard an advertisement that broke my heart. It was a divorce attorney who was trying to convince men that now was the time for them to divorce their wives and he could help them take care of it. Yikes, especially considering that it was on Christian radio!

It is hard enough to see people considering divorce so frequently in our communities but then to have someone actively trying to convince them to do it, truly heart-breaking.

So let me be the counter-advertisement. 

I want to start with this: Marriage doesn’t exist to make you happy. I know that may sound odd, but it is true. Marriage is a picture of the love and commitment of Christ, and like all things, it exists to bring Him glory. Thankfully it also can bring us great joy and happiness but if those aren’t there sometimes, it isn’t a reason to leave. 

Remember, God hates divorce. We see it in Malachi 2:16. I know God seemingly gave some outs, but remember, He HATES it. Marriage is very humbling, but is truly a beautiful thing. If you are struggling in yours please take this little bit of advice:

Seek God, Seek forgiveness, Seek counsel

God is with us and for us. He forgives us and asks that we forgive others (and ourselves) and advises us to seek wise counsel. The Bible tells us that the church is the bride of Christ. He will never leave or forsake it and laid down his innocent life for it. Be that in your marriage and see what God can do!

And for those that have been divorced in the past, know that God is with you still! If you are remarried, live these truths out in your marriage. We have an incredible opportunity to show the world the love and commitment Jesus has for us through our marriages.

Oh, and don't always listen to the advice from the radio.

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