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   Got Questions?   

What is Christianity all about? Who really is Jesus? How can I be saved?

These are great questions that we would love to help answer for you. Below are helpful resources to answer those important questions and many more! 

God tells us in the Bible that all people have sinned (messed up). That sin separates us from God both now and after we die and no amount of our good deeds can fix it. 

The only one who could pay the price for our sin and make us right with God was God Himself. He loved YOU so much that He did just that. He came to earth in the form of a person, Jesus, and after living a perfect life He died to pay for our sins. After 3 days He came back to life and went back to Heaven. 

Jesus says that anyone who believes in Him as their one and only savior will be given the GIFT of salvation. We are made right with God and spend eternity with Him!

Do you believe this Good News?

David Platt - NAMB

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